About Us

Cruise Research was founded in 1996 as a platform to investigate existing emerging technologies and apply them to real world business uses.

We have worked with a large range of industry groups, in the finance, retail and production sectors on solutions based on various emerging technologies.

Some of the more recent technologies that are of key interest include:


A large field in of itself, but it allows real world objects to be seamlessly integrated with computer based systems.

Portable Technology

From PDA’s to phones there are a large number of hardware solutions available that can easily be combined with a software solution to produce solutions.

Modelling and Code Generation

We have been involved in data and flow modelling, tied with complex code generation systems for more than 20 years.

Biometric Security

A field where true identification of an entity is both becoming more important and practical to implement.

We have a large amount of contacts and association with hardware industry providers (including providers in Japan) and the base of knowledge to research the appropriate mix of technology to provide affordable and practical solutions.