Just Finance is a comprehensive management and registry application for any organisation that needs to track customer lending and/or investors.


Detailed loan account records handling a number of common scenarios.

Just Finance Loan Account

Main features:

  • Variable loan terms

  • Categorisation and grouping options

  • Different payment periods, included specified per loan schedule

  • Full transaction history

  • Security documentation

  • Changing asset security management e.g. car yard stock on a line of credit

  • Notes

  • Automation of notice and other letter generation

  • Payout calculation and quoting

  • Statement generation

  • Extensive reporting

  • Variable administrative change restriction

  • Full interest rate change management


Very detailed investment records, including:

  • Variable investment terms

  • Compounded or paid with different payment periods

  • Easy roll-over, with full linkage to previous agreements

  • Full transaction history

  • Statement generation

  • Extensive reporting

  • Notes


Supports front desk receipting for both loan and investment registries, including:

  • Support for standard strip receipt printers

  • End of session balancing

  • Bulk posting


Allows a large amount of customer detail to be recorded.

Just Finance Customer

Main features include:

  • General notes

  • Consolidated position – includes both loans and investments

  • Consolidated position across multiple linked customers

  • Customer record merging (duplication)

  • Bank Account tracking