T-Engine Forum

Established with the aim of achieving ubiquitous computing environments. T-Engine Forum promotes the standardization of the technology components: T-Engine, T-Kernel and Ubiquitous ID technology. T-Engine Forum is a global organization to exchange information and promotes the technology transfer among its members.

Cyberrob Systems

Developer of Aquaculture information systems.

Justicelink eServices

JusticeLink eServices is an electronic court document lodgment system currently available to legal practitioners and litigant organisations. It provides a simple, fast and secure way for you to electronically lodge up to 100 court documents at a time and track all your case activity online.


All the achievements of TRON towards the realization of Ubiquitous Computing environments will all gather at the TRONSHOW.

Ubiquitous Networking Laboratory (Japan)

YRP Ubiquitous Networking Laboratory is a pioneer in the field of research called ubiquitous computing in the past and now called IoT.