Cruise Research was founded in 1996 as a platform to investigate emerging technologies and apply them to real work business uses.

We specialise in development of custom business systems written to your requirements.

Development Environments

Our primary development tools are:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 in either C++ (Win API or .Net) or C# .Net/.Net Core, targeting the Windows platforms

XP through to Windows 10 as well as Windows Mobile and Tablet editions.

  • XCode development in Objective-C and Swift for the iPhone/iPod/iPad platforms.

  • Cross platform development using Xamarin Studio - iOS, Android, Universal Windows and OSX.

  • Eclipse using C++ or Java for Linux based platforms

  • Microsoft SQL-Server – from Data Engine to Enterprise

  • Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS Cloud based services

Embedded Platforms

Various embedded platform development including:

  • Raspberry Pi

  • Arduino

  • Pic

  • and others...

Our Customers and Experience

Our customer base covers a wide range of financial and professional organisations, including The Federal Group, Westpac Banking Banking Corporation, Synergy Capital Management, Tote Tasmania, and Challenger International. But also includes a large number of smaller customers.

We created the modelling and code generation tool called ER-Model, which our customers and ourselves use to dramatically reduce development times by using it’s flexible templates to generate large amounts of code.

We also have extensive experience in the security and identification field, from encryption, storage, tagging technologies (e.g. RFID and Smartcards).

We have worked with a number of technology partners such as Toshiba, Pentax, University of Tokyo.

We worked with the Tasmanian University to setup a partnership with Professor Ken Sakamura and the University of Tokyo to include Ubiquitous Computing as part of the Universities standard course structure.